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Antioch Childcare Academy
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Antioch Childcare Academy
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Antioch Child Care Academy


Mission Statement

The primary objective of the Antioch Child Care Academy is to provide authentic educational activities for preschoolers in their early formative years before they enter the public school system. 


The teaching of religious values, honesty, respect, self-worth, personal accountability and socialization skills, is done as part of the child’s learning process.  Training up a child in the way he or she should go is ministry in action. 


A child’s needs are diversified and cannot be fulfilled without a holistic approach to education.  Academics and religious experiences are integral parts of the learning process. Therefore, the Antioch Child Care Academy seeks to relate the child, not only to classroom academics, but also religious experiences.


  • Encourage parents to become advocates of developmentally appropriate programs throughout their child's formative years of growth.

  • Provide supportive, positive, and individualized teacher-child interactions. The teacher's role is to stimulate, guide, and enhance the development of the child's cognitive and social skills.

  • Foster a curriculum that focuses on all aspects of a child's growth and development, intellectual, physical, social, and emotional.

  • Seek the growth of independence, autonomy, and a sense of competence by encouraging responsibility and to value other people's feeling, needs, and individuality.

  • Establish cooperation by promoting courtesy, honesty, and Christian values.

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